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Monday, May 08, 2006

Giuliani Blog Outreach?

From On Call, we learn that Fipp Avlon recently headlined a meeting of centrist bloggers in New York (if you don't know who Avlon is, for shame). Well, headlined might be too strong a word, but Rudy's wordsmith from 9/11 did earn rave reviews ("he's so direct and easily eloquent in person that it's hard not to imagine him going into politics himself," gushes Ambivablog; "his eminence derives from inspiration, not age," sayeth the Mighty Middle).

We don't doubt Avlon's sincere commitment to the cause of political centrism, but for now, let's hope someone else is near the primary election steering wheel. (Put him in charge of the transition! Seriously. -ed.) Rudy's campaign cannot be one of centrist futility, but one of constructing a durable conservative majority organized around the Long War against militant Islam.

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