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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

McCain Cancels GOP Fundraiser in Critical District

A nice contrast today. It concerns the company McCain keeps.

Brian Bilbray is in a dogfight of a Congressional race in a traditionally Republican district represented by Duke Cunningham until his resignation. He needs all the help he can get. He also happens to disagree with the Senate immigration bill passed last week.

John McCain had been scheduled in town to raise critical last minute funds for Bilbray's campaign. Until today, when McCain suddenly cancelled, apparently in retaliation for Bilbray's opposition to McCain's work on immigration reform.

What does it say for the Senator can't step into a Republican district without bitterly dividing the party? Or that he is withdrawing from a fundraiser in a fit of pique over the candidate's disagreement on one issue. It says that not only isn't he a big tent candidate, if he somehow gets the nomination, he would split the party in two.

Do you see Rudy Giuliani cancelling events with pro-life candidates? Quite the opposite.

Meanwhile, McCain has no problem siddling up to Harry Reid at Vegas boxing matches.

Let's hope the news cycle of bad stories McCain has just inflicted on Bilbray won't lead to the loss of a safe Republican seat. You can contribute to Bilbray here.

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At 6:14 PM, Blogger Mathew said...

I would stay away from this one. McCain has got a right to endorse anyone he pleases, just as Rudy had a right to endorse Mario Cuomo over George Pataki when he was Mayor. Do you really want them to bring that one back up? Throwing bricks from a glass house is not a wise political strategy.


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