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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Rudy Giuliani Begins Building 2008 Team

Newsmax isn't all that useful -- except as a popularizer and repackager of day-old stories. Their emails do tend to feature Rudy quite a bit, leading me to think that he's quite a draw in getting conservatives to open their email and click on the ads.

A piece this weekend gives the Dickerson hire the treatment, and notes the thaw in Rudy's presidential prep:

Giuliani supporters have been concerned in recent months that popular ex-mayor wasn't doing enough to prepare for 2008.

In January, Newsday reported that his political operation remained so small it "could fit comfortably into a minivan."

Meanwhile, Sen. McCain's political organization had "steadily expanded [into] a national team of hundreds of political professionals and volunteers," the paper said.

The apparent lack of preparation lead one Giuliani insider to tell Newsday: "My gut tells me he's not going to run."

The Times said that Giuliani's advisors personally urged him to begin broadening his team beyond the inner circle of former City Hall aides, adding, "Ms. Dickerson's hiring may be a sign that he is taking that advice."

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