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Monday, May 01, 2006

Staffing Up: John Avlon to Handle Comms for Rudy's PAC

We read with great interest this piece in the Daily News on Rudy's business empire, until we stumbled upon this piece about John Avlon being hired as communications director at his PAC (we assume that means Solutions America). If there's anything more exciting than the gobs and gobs of money Giuliani is stockpiling before the campaign and his two terms, it's John Avlon.

Rudy-watchers will know Avlon's writing from the New York Sun, where he has written a number of pieces favorable to the former Mayor's 2008 presidential hopes. Here is a typical piece from Google's cache of Real Clear Politics, from a year ago:

[Pat Robertson]'s character endorsement is an important green light to a possible presidential run that some social-conservative political operatives were overconfidently whispering was dead on arrival. It is also a generous and timely reinforcement of Ronald Reagan's principle of the "big tent" by someone associated with the far right of the party. With even tacit support and an established comfort level with leaders of the Christian Coalition, the broad popular support for a Giuliani presidential campaign that already exists among Republicans and independents could be unstoppable. He could be the first Republican candidate since Ronald Reagan to win both New York and California on the way to winning the White House.
One problem: Avlon, the author of Independent Nation, is an unrepentant moderate who worked for Bill Clinton in 1996 before joining the Giuliani Administration, and who argues that an independent could be elected President in 2008. Don't look for any help from him on the repositioning front (he sounds like Rudy's answer to the Bull Moose; can't wait for the snarky press quote wars between Avlon and Wittmann in '08!!). But, nonetheless, the fact that Giuliani is reviving his moribund PAC should tell us something.

Yep, he's running.

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