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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Dem Says Don't Bet Against Rudy

Typically, liberals are the first to dismiss Rudy's prospects, holding that the Republican base consists of a bunch of mind-numbed robots who will reject a candidate like Rudy. (This would be like saying Hillary can't be nominated because of her stance on the war, which lately has been more central to their base than abortion is to ours -- which is patently ridiculous.)

Karle Agne says otherwise in the Daily News:

The first involves a relatively small circle dominated by large corporate interests and kingmakers of the party establishment. The winner of this invisible primary gets a tremendous financial advantage and big media buzz, and — from Nixon in 1968 to Bush in 2000 — has never lost the Republican nomination.

The pragmatic powerbroker leaders don't trust John McCain, but they know they need a winner. When they look at Giuliani's security credentials, broad appeal and a list of his recent consulting clients, they'll know they have a man they can count on.

Leave aside the paranoia about sinister corporate interests, and this is basically right. Either Rudy or McCain will emerge as the establishment choice. And as we have argued numerous times, Rudy brings you the same electability as McCain does (and possibly more), without engendering a full-scale revolt in all parts of the base.

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