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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Hotline Fawns Over JMac for Playing in Southern Primaries, But Rudy Does the Same

More grist for the First Responder mill.

The Hotline perpetuates the myth that McCain is a "confident" frontrunner because he plays in primaries, most recently in Louisiana. They ignore the fact that he had to run and hide from CA-50 because of his immigration stance. They also overlook Rudy Giuliani's pivotal endorsement of Ralph Reed in the hotly contested Georgia LG primary, which is certainly fraught with a higher risk/reward ratio than the low-profile races McCain has been dabbling in. And in terms of making friends, there's no better way than endorsing Ralph Reed, who could be the key to the South in terms of raw organizing skill.

If McCain really wanted to play, he'd endorse Casey Cagle and force a showdown with Rudy. Would such an endorsement help or hurt Cagle? The answer to that question may well determine if he can be the Republican nominee.

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