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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

MSM Buries Gallup's McCain Bombshell

How did the Beltway media react to the revelation that "front-runner" John McCain would be rejected by 41% of his own party, while Rudy Giuliani is the most acceptable nominee in either party?

Hotline On Call: Nothing.

The Fix: Nada. (Maybe after he gets back from the clambake.)

ABC's The Note: Buried under Gov. Huntsman forsaking Romney for McCain.

The Hotline's Blogometer: Zilch. They did have a piece on "McCain: Odds on Favorite" though.

Failing that, the encyclopedic daily edition of the Hotline. Nothing in its '08 section. Buried as item #52, with no McCain reference in the headline.

Remember, these are the same people who in March did a poll that found that Bush approvers would overwhelmingly back Rudy over McCain and spun it as bad news for Hizzoner.

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