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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Start a Statewide Rudy Blog!

Giuliani Blog is looking for a few good bloggers (newbies are welcome) to start statewide Rudy Giuliani blogs, and who can also from time to time post on this blog covering '08 activity in their state.

Interested? Drop me a line at rudy blogger at g mail dot com.

Giuliani Blog is growing fast and is already the most-linked to blog covering a Giuliani '08 race. We've already made a dent in the MSM narrative by shaping stories in places like The Note, Real Clear Politics, The Observer, and RedState.

Join us for this next phase of our growth as we near the starting gate for '08.

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At 12:12 AM, Blogger Beetle said...

Where does Rudi stand on Gun Control, God, abortion, and marriage?

At 10:19 PM, Blogger Paul said...

If our foreign policy in the middle east is apparently not an explanation for the 9/11 attacks that Rudy Giuliani has ever heard of, he must not have read the 9/11 commission's report, nor the CIA's own expert analysis. So what exactly does Giuliani think caused the 9/11 attacks? Our freedom? Why didn't these attacks occur in Sweden or Norway?

At 12:27 AM, Blogger Matt said...

Rudy's 12 Commitments give some of the answers to beetle's comment.

Paul: Islamic Terrorism is after America not just for our freedom but because we are one of the most powerful nations in the world, their goal isn't to kill as many as Americans as possible (but they sure as hell try to) but to enact political change that will be in there favor (ie. removing support from Israel, completely abandon the Middle East and to create a Islamic state that has a goal of annihilating any other country that does not believe in Allah)

The tragic Spanish train bombing is one of the most successful attacks because it forced a regime change. Terrorists however failed in the UK because the British are not going to cut and run and try to change their whole approach to foreign policy. They may not like Bush but they do understand that to change policy can let the terrorists achieve their goals.

That is all

At 12:09 PM, Blogger joejoe said...

Do you believe Rudy Giuliani is making the write choice by saying he will send more troops to Iraq, if he becomes president?

At 7:41 PM, Blogger scotearlesmith said...

Rudy's a true patriot. He could have gone the easy route to soft Vietnam, but instead he fought on the mean streets of NYC prosecuting draft dodgers like himself. He bravely accepted the "occupational" deferment offer by the Army knowing that this action would forfit his place in Arlington National Cemetery.

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