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Friday, September 15, 2006

Giuliani vs. McCain on How to Treat the Enemy

Rudy Giuliani:

"I told [President Bush], 'If you catch this guy Bin Laden, I would like to be the one to execute him' ... I am sure he thought I was just being rhetorical, but I was serious."
John McCain:
“I would make sure we don’t torture prisoners. I would close Guantanamo Bay.”
I have my disagreements with the Senator, but when it comes to national security, I thought he was better than that. After this week's public showdown with the White House and his desire to mollycoddle terror suspects, I no longer trust McCain to fight the War on Terror.

He is America's Lincoln Chafee, and the Republican establishment has a decision to make as to whether it will continue to tolerate his candidacy in light of his determination to undermine the President at this critical time and weaken the fight against terrorism.

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At 10:57 AM, Blogger Monkeydarts said...

Here in SC we've seen so many visits by Sen. McCain that it seems like he has a condo in Columbia. He had been making inroads here, certainly, although he was hardly a lock for our primary. With the events of this week I'd say his chances in SC are now nearly gone and with it, of course, the nomination. Try this on:
"South Carolina is certainly Bush country. Overwhelmingly the communications we're getting are supporting the President. Obviously the president is right on this issue. I think John McCain *thinks* he's right McCain and Warner and Graham. I think people on the ground (in SC) think they're wrong." -Katon Dawson, Republican Party Chairman in South Carolina.

At 11:01 AM, Blogger Monkeydarts said...

In addition to Katon Dawson's comment (above) try this on for size about how Lindsey Graham, McCain's buddy on this issue (and many others)is faring. Understand that Lindsey has the highest approval numbers of any SC politician-- or he did before this issue anyway. "You just don't even know how people are bent out of shape! The holier-than-thou attitude of 'I'm an attorney, I understand this better than you.'" -Kristin Maguire, South Carolina Republican Party executive committee.

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