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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Rudy Cuts an Ad for Bob Beauprez

With less than two weeks to go, Bob Beauprez's campaign for Governor of Colorado is airing an ad with Rudy Giuliani. This is the fourth such Rudy ad for a candidate to be aired in the final stretch of the campaign: First was Santorum. Then Blackwell. And then Rob Simmons for Congress (CT-2). Particularly impressive is the fact that he's being deployed in red-tinged swing states (CO & OH).

I'm sure readers like LJ will correct the record if I'm wrong, but McCain seems to have been strangely absent from the airwaves in the final weeks. If he has been up, it's been in blue states (I know he was prominently featured in Tom Kean ads earlier in the cycle) but I haven't seen any straight endorsement spots from him lately. And of course Romney has been present in just one set of ads: his own.

While other candidates are doing their part to retain the majority, ads like this reinforce the notion that Rudy is the single strongest asset the Republican Party has. He is in a class of his own when it comes both to campaigning and to the future leadership of this country.

I think you just saw a lot of folks in Iowa come to the same conclusion with their decision to close the campaign with Rudy (though I have no doubt a certain someone will try and butt in at the end).

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