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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Frontrunner Misidentification Syndrome

Eric Rodawig thinks the media has it:

Most of the liberal pundit-ocracy says Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) is the favorite for the 2008 nomination, and that Rudy’s positions on social issues will prevent him from getting past a primary. But those people are wrong.

Giuliani consistently beats out McCain in polls of favorability, name recognition and potential voting in 2008. He almost always finishes number one or two in not only mainstream polls, but also, more importantly for the primary, in polls on conservative Web sites where Newt Gingrich and Sen. George Allen (R-Va.) are near the top. The base may disagree with some of Giuliani’s social positions, but they do like him as a person and a leader — something that cannot be said about McCain.

Two factors will turn Giuliani’s social stances into a non-issue. Giuliani isn’t a senator with a long history of established, controversial votes (but who is?); his stances are largely artifacts leftover from his days as a pragmatic mayor of a very liberal city. In a Republican primary, it will be very easy for Giuliani to move back to the center-right on social issues. Also, Giuliani has proven that he is truly a fiscal conservative, something that has become a rarity in either party.

The second issue is simpler: The 2008 election is not going to be about social issues; it’s going to be about how the United States is going to handle the continued threats from violent Islamic fundamentalists. Ever since the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, Giuliani has proven his courage and strength in times of crisis and that he understands what is at stake for the world.

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At 4:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rudy Giuliani
(wannabe candidate) =
911 felon,
(phony) 'security' industry parasite/profiteer,
blood-stained government thug...

WAKE UP to the facts everybody
Don't be easily duped & manipulated,
misinformed sheep.

Rudolph Giuliani is a greedy
homicidal whore, a shill for PNAC neocons
& banking industry elites,
and a longtime henchman/legal lackey
for the Bush Crime Dynasty (Father & Son) !

As documented by substantial evidence,
Rudy Giuliani was a deceitful, corrupt colluder
in the Sept. 11th staged
controlled demolitions
of the WTC. He should
be jailed for the
rest of his life
re: collaborating in
& covering up heinous
crimes + treason
(for self-aggrandizement,
political gain & financial profit
for himself and for elite Anglo/American
& Israeli corporate cronies --
especially petroleum price-gouging,
war profiteering/fake-security extortion,
international opium/illegal drug smuggling,
and money laundering industries --
also British/freemason business interests
(with MI5-6 machinations),
and in conjunction with arrogantly ignorant,
perversely inept & stuck-in-the-sand neoCON(job)
colonialist empire-building
+ ethnocentric Zionist agendas!

('Sir') Rudolph serves as a sociopathic
government gangster for his corporate-elite masters
& neocon blackmailers.
Rudy 'ghoul' Giuliani
has the spilled blood of hundreds
of NYC firefighters & police
and several thousand WTC workers
(+ sickened clean-up crews too)
on his slimy hands.

Hey...Remember Giuliani's corrupt, disgraced
best-buddy BERNARD ("kickback") KERIK ?
Wannabe candidate Giuliani
will be shadowed on the campaign
trail by aggrieved Sept. 11th widows
(demanding factual answers to their questions)
& will be hounded by other protestors from
the betrayed American public.


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