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Monday, November 06, 2006

Pre-Election Day Thoughts...

...and how they bear on the battle to come.

I was phone-banking for the GOP this weekend. And let me tell you that nobody who phone banks does it because a local State Senator snaps their fingers and tells them to. They do it because they believe in a cause and a leader. In 2008, any candidate who can inspire legions of followers will have the edge on the ground, with or without legions of elected officials as intermediaries. Local party organizations are actually pretty weak without inspiration and discipline from the top. Everything I've seen from the GOP ground game reinforces this thought.

And finally, how sweet will it be to see Charlie Cook (20-35 seat loss), Larry Sabato (27 seat loss), and Stu Rothenberg (30-40 seat loss) crying in their Oatmeal on Wednesday morning? The latest polls showing the GOP narrowing the gap means that could well be the case. Remember: these are the same people who say Rudy doesn't have a chance.

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