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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Barnes: Rudy beats McCain among conservatives

Over at Race42008, Woodrow Eisenhower discusses the commentary of prominent Beltway conservative Fred Barnes on the dynamics of a Rudy/McCain race for the GOP presidential nomination. Says Woody:

Seems like there’s some slight, slight movement within the Beltway towards recognizing just how serious a Rudy Giuliani presidential candidacy is, though the common wisdom still prevails for the most part. While discussing Mitt Romney’s minor fall-out in recent days over the resurgence of questioning over the validity of his flip-flops on abortion and gay marriage, Fred Barnes, co-host of the FOX News political talk show “Beltway Boys,” stated that while Romney is trying to move to the right to appeal to conservative voters, those voters, he predicted, would never really “warm up” to John McCain or Rudy Giuliani. Surprisingly, however, he added: “Though [conservative voters] have a better chance with [warming up to] Giuliani, I think.”

It’s not much, but it is a new thread of concession that’s seeping its way through the Beltway’s political veins. Rudy Giuliani’s astral positives amongst voters, his massive acceptability as a presidential nominee for Republicans, and his continually leading spot in the polls, is something the mainstream media cannot choose to sweep under the rug for much longer.
Barnes' statement echoes the sentiments of Republican voters in every scientific poll on the subject, who select Rudy over McCain each time.

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