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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Rudy Giuliani Watch: Rudy Opts Out of Religious Broadcasters Meeting

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One of the “KINGMAKERS”

Rudy Guliani Opts Out of Religious Broadcasters Meeting

Is Rudy Going to Ignore Evangelicals?

With the bare fact being that no Republican in recent memory has been able to win a major contest without at least the tacit backing of the religious right, Rudy Guliani might be trying to buck that trend. While on the surface it may seem like a bad gamble, is Rudy playing the smart card, letting the other candidates fight over the evangelical vote-and keeping himself clean from association with the far-right fringe in the process-hoping that he could hold all the cards at nomination time?

Starting February 17th and going through February 20th in Orlando, Florida, the National Religious Broadcasters will be holding their convention. And as one might expect, Republican candidates are lining up to try to woo the support of the evangelical leaders. For if the past is any indication, evangelicals tend to vote as their leaders suggest. There were some defections in 2006, but none major enough to change the paradigm. So what is Rudy thinking?

Rudy is thinking that he has double digit leads in most all of the national polls over his GOP challengers and that he should NOT have to pander to the Religious Evangelical Right. He will NOT receive their support or endorsements in any case.

However, by NOT pandering to them he may well be better positioned in the general election against Hillary Clinton.

Let McCain and Romney who have their own problems with James Dobson, Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell pander and divide the Evangelical vote and campaign money. In the meantime, the large corporate GOP Donors including Hollywood Producers will feel more comfortable with a secular Giuliani campaign, open their wallets and fund the pre-Super Tuesday media campaign especially in large delegate rich non-Southern states.

Howard Fineman, writing for MSNBC, speaks about the ‘Three Kingmakers.” He is of course talking about Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, and James Dobson. According to Fineman, Falwell has already decided on McCain and Robertson is favoring Romney. Leaving only James Dobson as the undecided of the three. The problem is this-how many Americans, in 2008, are going to trust the candidate who ends up with the majority of these three “Kingmakers” behind him?

So maybe Rudy Guliani is playing it smart. He knows that if he is the Republican candidate the evangelical voters will mostly do one of two things. Hold their noses and vote for him over the Democratic candidate, or stay home and not vote at all. Either way will help him.


James Dobson of Focus on the Family on John McCain: “I pray that we don’t get stuck with him”

Like Flap said the first time. The Evangelical Right IS becoming ILLELEVANT.

Sorry Allah - this is NO death wish. Just the way it is and how Giuliani wins the Presidency.



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At 2:21 PM, Blogger Republius said...

I strongly disagree with Flap here.

What evidence is there that the Religious Right has become politically irrelevant? The fact that Mayor Giuliani, who is ahead in the GOP polls, is not speaking to this convention is not compelling evidence of such. Perhaps the Mayor feels like certain elements at the convention will be setting a trap for him that he wants to avoid. This still does not mean the group lacks political influence. If they did, the other GOP presidential contenders would not be going there to address them.

Even if Mayor Giuliani is unlikely to get the endorsement of such evangelicals, I would hope he addresses them personally and answers their questions about his candidacy given that they are a bona fide part of the Republican coalition.

Politics is a game of addition. You need to make friends, not enemies. It is also a coaltion game, motivating disparate groups to support your candidacy for different reasons. Absent being set up for a fall, Mayor Giuliani ought to be addressing all Republican coalition parts in order to obtain as many grass-roots votes, if not organization endorsements, as possible.

Flap's uncorroborated claims sound like the venting of Senator John McCain when the latter criticized Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell in 2000. The fact that Flap clearly does not hold people of faith in high esteem does not mean they are insignificant in Republican politics.

At 7:52 AM, Blogger Gary Matthew Miller said...

Gotta agree with republius.

As one of many evangelicals I know who would be perfectly comfortable with Mayor Giuliani as my party's nominee because of his position on judges, I am a bit unsettled when I read posts like this demonstrating how some of Rudy's most ardent backers have some serious anger toward the religious right.

One of the first instances in which I began to warm to the Mayor was several months ago when he thanked a gathering of pastors for helping people find hope. It is clear the Mayor is not a fellow believer, but he also came across as very genuine in his appreciation for those who are and the life-changing power of faith.

As an evangelical, I am often embarrased by evangelical "leaders" and their public comments. That said, their influence certainly hasn't diminished. I think by taking a pass on the gathering, the Mayor missed a real opportunity to demonstrate some courage and to win some new friends.

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