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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Giuliani Notes: NH GOP Debate - Rudy Wins

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Rich Lowry @ National Review: Rudy Wins

If any pro-choicer can win the Republican presidential nomination, it’s Rudy Giuliani. His abortion answer was bad, but what people will remember is his joking around about getting struck down by lightening during it. Otherwise, he was quick, commanding, authoritative-sounding—altogether the Big Man on stage, projecting the image of the kind of guy you can trust during a time of war. He kept taking digs at Washington, burnishing his outsider credentials, and was frank and feisty in taking it to the enemy both metaphorical (the Dems, the media) and real (Islamic terrorism). For all the invocations of Reagan during these forums, Rudy’s strength and emphasis on freedom is probably what is going to strike most voters as really Reaganesque. (All this said, I wish he cared to try to reach an accommodation with pro-lifers that would make his candidacy even stronger).


Hizzoner had a “COMMANDING PRESENCE” in tonight’s debate. He was extremely Presidential and someone you can trust in a time of war.

Rudy was RIGHT on the issues from the Scooter Libby sentencing debacle to calling the Democrats out on “socialized medicine.”

So, what are others saying?

New York Sun’s Ryan Sager: “Big Giuliani Win.”

National Review’s Kathryn Jean Lopez: “Rudy Won.”

National Review’s Kate O’Beirne: “Rudy Finishes Strong.”

NBC News’ Chuck Todd: “Rudy Giuliani was solid …”

Power Line Blog’s John Hinderaker: “Rudy Giuliani … broke away from the pack tonight …”

CBN’s David Brody: “On immigration, it’s a very complicated issue but Giuliani was able to boil it down to basically say ‘throw the bad people out’ and then was able to weave his idea for national ID cards into the answer.”

Captains Quarters: Post Debate Analysis: Giuliani Keeps The Crown For Now

Giuliani performed the best. He took advantage of a recurring technical glitch to demonstrate his sense of humor, and he gave great answers on national-security questions. He attacked Hillary Clinton — again — and was the only one on stage looking to move the debate to the Democrats — again. He stung CNN, too, by turning around a Blitzer hypothetical about what he’d do if Petraeus reported no progress in September by asking Blitzer whether he’d bother reporting progress if it was being made.


Hugh Hewitt: Giuliani “Looked And Sounded Great Tonight” And Would Be A “Formidable” Candidate

National Review’s Jim Geraghty: “Rudy … has been en fuego, as they say on Sportscenter.”

Townhall’s Mary Katharine Ham: “From his first answer on Iraq, in which he notably outdid Romney who answered the same question right before him, Rudy seemed on point tonight.”

National Review’s Michael Graham: “Rudy does it in one sentence: ‘It’s unimaginable that you’d leave Saddam in power while fighting a war on terror.’ That’s the argument the GOP should embrace, seize and use …”


The Rudy Giuliani Files

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At 2:37 AM, Blogger BlackRobeMage said...

How can you call it a win when you disgrace our own founding principles by having members of the press arrested for asking questions that your team didn't want to answer? If you really plan on winning this election, you might consider not stomping on other's civil rights and instead concern yourself with damage control as this NH incident is now all over the internet. (Which is why I'm here.) Are Vermonter's rights your next target? If this is how you plan of acting as president, no thanks, we already have a dictator named George. Check out 1 story below:

At 1:51 PM, Blogger Jim Waddell said...

Amen, blackrobe!

At 11:18 AM, Blogger Jim Waddell said...

A GREAT CARTOON of the real Giuliani.

Separately, a real conservative, paul Craig Roberts, has the real truth on the criminal Rudy.

At 11:51 AM, Blogger Glockgemini said...

When reading Rudy's 12 Commitments, I noticed some glaring omissions.
13. Restoring tax discipline by repealing the Income Tax and instituting the Retail Sales Tax.
14. Restoring the Second Amendment to its original and intended status by repealing all the useless gun control laws.
15. Restoring the First Amendment to its original and intended status by repealing McCain-Feingold and disqualifying "freedom of expression". Its "Freedom of Speech", known as the right to question and criticise our elected officials and their minions.

At 10:23 PM, Blogger The Z DUB Experience said...

The Z DUB Experience: Republican Strategy will decide 2008

Giuliani is going to win this thing, the democrats have to many candidates and when it comes time to unite the party behind one, they'll be about 3 months behind the Giuliani campaign...Giuliani will be the president.

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