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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Charlie Cook Call Your Office: Even Freepers Like Rudy Over McCain

Charlie Cook and the BDBM (Brain-Dead Beltway Media) say there's no way for a pro-abortion rights, pro-gay rights Repujblican to win the nomination. It's not a conclusion with which I agree, but if you're going to believe that, at least be consistent and also admit that a pro-amnesty, pro-tax RINO like John McCain has no chance.

Instead, the BDBM clings to this asisine notion that while Rudy is all hyped-up name ID, John McCain is the savior the Republican Party needs right now!! And if abortion is the only thing we think about (Republicans apparently don't care about taxes, the "torture" myth, the First Amendment, Kyoto, or other trifling matters), you'd expect the Freepers, the staunchest defenders of orthodoxy, to give voice to the McCain yes, Rudy no analysis.

This Freeper thread on the brilliant Ryan Sager piece from Friday gives lie to this notion. Now, to be fair, this group isn't thrilled by either Rudy or McCain. But Rudy seems far more acceptable to them. A sizeable percentage say they'd abandon the party if McCain were the nominee. A smaller subset say that about Giuliani. Not a single one says they's support McCain over Rudy.

Some sample comments for the edification of Charlie Cook, Chuck Todd, and Chris Matthews:

Given the choice between the 2, I would have said McCain. That is, until this week and his total support for shamnesty. This so called "economic conservative" even had the gall to vote for Social Security benefits for illegals.

McCain is DQed in my book. If the primary comes down to those 2, I'm voting for Giuliani.

* * *

Rudy is suboptimal on social issues. However, he is a proven leader, deadly serious on the WOT, and doesn't have McCain's toxic prima donna personality. I'd vote for Rudy anyday over McCaniac.

* * *

I long ago gave up on McCain- now I will work against him in primary season. Rudy will have a tough time with a lot of conservatives- but he's miles ahead of McCain in my book. Although I've not heard his take on illegal immigrants yet- he has proven leadership abilities- and he's strong on the WOT.

I'm not one to throw the baby out with the bathwater- I'll support Rudy if it comes to him.

* * *

I understand your point about abortion, but how anti-abortion do you think McCain is? My guess is that if he get into the White House he'll become pro-choice or neutral on abortion as soon as it suits his politics.

As Least Rudy G. is a sincere Catholic. He believes that abortion should be rare but the government should butt out. I don't think McCain believes in anything except himself.

* * *

We can all go down to the basement and attempt to build the perfect Republican candidate.

Or we can choose between the only two Republicans, McCain and Giuliani, who can win in 2008. One of whom, Giuliani, may be exactly what the times require.

Or we can anticipate all the fun we will have on FreeRepublic post the 2008 election complaining about the Democrat President.

* * *

I would vote for Rudi. Not for McCain.

* * *

It doesn't matter if the president is pro-choice etc. because it's the congress that makes the laws. The major problem with be with the USSC, but if two more slots are filled in the next two years, it won't matter who is president. That way we can pick the person who will be strong on national security and immigration.

I'll tell you right now, in a choice between Rudy and McCain? No choice at all, I'd vote Rudy.

* * *

Rudi is tough on crime and demands government accountability. IMHO, Ruid is GW with a backbone and none of the "new tone" comedy. McInsane would be owned by the MSM. The traitor McShame isn't going anywhere.

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