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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Barry Wynn, Giuliani's South Carolina Man?

In our very first post, we noted this curious quote by South Carolina G.O.P. poo-bah Barry Wynn:

“I do sense that if he got into the race, the people would be very excited about it,’ Wynn said. “There’s a sense we need to be inspired for the good of the country. We need some inspiration. And sometimes you can’t get that from a sitting member of Congress. We need somebody from the outside who’ll bring a fresh perspective.”

Of the half-dozen or so candidates mentioned, more than half are members of Congress.

On the other hand, Wynn said, “Guiliani creates passion, enthusiasm and excitement.”

By all accounts, Wynn made another trip to New York to attend the fundraiser. Here's what the WABC-TV quoted him as saying:
"I represent the conservative wing of the Republican Party in South Carolina and I think a lot of those people are very pragmatic and they want someone that can win," Barry Wynn, of the South Carolina GOP said.
The Politicker has a good piece on Rudy's Southern supporters, and Wynn figures prominently:
Barry Wynn, the former chairman of the South Carolina Republican Party and the finance chair of President Bush's re-election campaign, said yesterday that Giuliani "seems like a man of action and not just talking. He certainly is the type of person Washington needs. He is an outsider and that's refreshing." He also said that he'd "certainly be one of the people encouraging him" to run.
This is a pretty big deal. If any other candidate nabbed someone with his credentials, it would make national news.

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