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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

McCain Pollster: Rudy Up 12

Not exactly the best birthday news for Senator McCain. McCain pollster Charlie Cook's latest poll shows Rudy up by 12 pts. in the race for the GOP nomination.

In even worse news, when respondents are informed of Rudy's social views, GOP'ers say "nominate him anyway" by 18%!

RT Strategies Poll, Aug 25-27, 2006

-GOP WH '08 Primary Matchup (1st place- 2nd place)

R. Giuliani 32% 21%
J. McCain 20 17
N. Gingrich 10 10
B. Frist 8 8
M. Romney 5 6
G. Allen 4 2
T. Tancredo 3 2
M. Huckabee 2 2
G. Pataki 1 2
S. Brownback 1 1
C. Hagel -- 2 1
Other/undec 14 13


-"Thinking about Rudy Giuliani, some people say he really cleaned up NYC as Mayor and made it a safer place, and then he showed real courage as a leader after the attack on the WTC.Other people say that his views on some issues -- because he is pro-choice on abortion, and supports gun control and gay rights -- make it hard for them to support him for Pres.

Which Is Closer To Your View? (GOPers only) Now - 2/26

GOPers should nominate Giuliani for pres. 56% 50%
GOPers should not nominate Giuliani for pres. 38 43


-On A 0-100 Scale, How Much Do YouLike ___ As A Person? (Mean)

R. Giuliani 59.4
J. McCain 54.8
J. Edwards 49.1
J. Kerry 44.9
H. Clinton 43.9

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At 4:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was kind of shocked (maybe I'm just out of the loop on this one) to learn that John McCain is either a neocon himself and/or is in bed with them. Shocked! SHOCKED I am!

Do you think ANY neocon candidate has a chance of winning the GOP primary, the White house? God, I hope not.

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