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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Rudy Adds Rove Staffer to His Team

Solutions America, Rudy's PAC, adds another member to the staff as former Rove aide Margaret Hoover comes on board:

Rudy Giuliani has hired a new fund-raiser who used to work for top presidential adviser Karl Rove - the latest sign the former mayor may be eying the White House.

Margaret Hoover, 28, made $10,000 last month as the new deputy finance director for Solutions America, Giuliani's federal political action committee, records show.

Hoover's résumé includes working on intergovernmental affairs for Rove - widely considered to be the mastermind behind President Bush's two election wins - and working for Bush's 2004 campaign operation.

Giuliani is quietly building a campaign organization -- one that can raise the money to be competitive. More than endorsements, what solidified George W. Bush as 2000's frontrunner was the $30 million+ monster second quarter in '99.

Also of note: finance head-honcho Anne Dickerson (former director of Rangers & Pioneers for Bush-Cheney) was ostensibly brought on board to raise money for Solutions America, but the PAC hasn't been raising all that much money the last couple of months, while Dickerson has continued to earn a monthly fee (and is now expanding her operation with Hoover). Something tells me there's a lot of '08 work going on behind the scenes.

Rudy critics, taking occasional breaks from their McCain-Romney pissing match, like to point out areas where Rudy's level of activity is low. But the recent fundraising reflects the fact that Rudy isn't someone who needs to buy himself into the good graces of his party. And he now has more cash-on-hand to prepare for an '08 run than anyone in the field, while simultaneously strengthening his position in early trial heat polls.

Incidentally, this isn't the first Rove protege Rudy has hired. Three years ago, Giuliani brought on Chris Henick, former #2 to the Architect himself. Read this resume and tell me if there is any doubt in your mind that Rudy intends to compete in the South:

(Joined Giuliani Partners in Spring 2003) Deputy Assistant to the President and Deputy to the Senior Advisor (Karl Rove), Jan. 2001-Dec. 2002.  Deputy Director of Strategy on Bush's 2000  presidential campaign.  Managing Director and Principal at the Washington lobbying firm of Barbour Griffith & Rogers, 1995 through April 2000.  Executive director of the Republican Governors Association 1991-95.  Southern director at the RNC through 1990.  Managed Congressman Alec McMillan (R-NC)'s 1986 re-election campaign.  Worked for Congressman Trent Lott.  Executive director for Mississippi Reagan/Bush ‘84.  Political director for the Mississippi Republican Party.  Field organization director for Haley Barbour's unsuccessful 1982 U.S. Senate bid.  Field representative on the Reagan/Bush 1980 campaign.  Attended University of Mississippi )eventually received B.A. in Liberal Studies from Georgetown University).  Born and raised in Yazoo City, MS.

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