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Friday, February 02, 2007

President 2008 Watch: California Conservatives Move to Thwart Early California Presidential Primary

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California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and GOP Assemblyman Chuck DeVore

Los Angeles Times: Conservatives Move To Tweak McCain, Schwarzenegger Primary

Disdainful of party heretics like Sen. John McCain, conservative California Republicans are devising a plan to short-circuit the early presidential primary when they meet this weekend in Sacramento. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger says a Feb. 5 California primary would make the state a player in national politics once again, but political analysts believe it also would give a big advantage to established candidates like McCain.

Assemblyman Chuck DeVore and his conservative colleagues are drafting a bylaw change that would allow Republican Party Central Committee members to pick a big portion of their presidential delegates in early February 2008, instead of just holding a statewide election among the entire party. The state GOP leadership is generally more conservative than the rest of the party, and such a rule change would certainly dilute McCain’s support and quell whatever momentum he had gained.

“The activists on the state central committee here have still not forgiven him (McCain) for the McCain-Feingold assault on the First Amendment nor do they appear comfortable with his incoherent philosophical agenda,” DeVore told the Washington Times. “Senator McCain seems to be more a product of the New York Times than of the party of Ronald Reagan.”

BAD MOVE, Chuck.

California Republican voters are tired of “SMOKE-FILLED ROOMS” and GOP party big-wigs selecting who their candidates are.

Flap knows you hate Schwarzenegger, but he and the Democrat Legislature are right on this one.

Californians want to be a part of the presidential electoral process not relegated to being the purse for Iowa and New Hampshire media campaigns. California voters want to make a difference in who will be our next President.

So, are you worried about term-limit changes and legislative redistricting proposals at the same election - on the same ballot?

And the voters shouldn’t have a shot at voting yea or nay, why?

DeVore, you sit in a gerrymandered safe GOP district that guarantees you six years in the Assembly - if you keep your nose clean. Democrats enjoy the same electoral safety.

And California legislative and congressional districting is fair, how?


Stop the political machinations at the California GOP convention next weekend (as if you would be able to achieve a 2/3rd plurality anyway) and support a February, Super Tuesday primary for California GOP voters.

NOTE for Robert Salladay:

The proposed change by DeVore is not an affront to John McCain but also a slap at Rudy Giuliani. Sounds like Mitt Romney’s shill, Congressman John Campbell has a hand in this cauldron as well as DeVore.

Stay tuned……..


Assmblyman Chuck DeVore making faces during the Governor’s State of the State Address.


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