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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Rudy - Now More Than Ever

On Monday, we pause to remember the dastardly attack on our Nation – and how we emerged from it stronger and determined to wipe the evil of Islamofascism from this Earth. On that day heroes rose – in our hearts, and for too many, into the Heavens. 2,996 would lose their lives – including 343 New York City firefighters and 23 NYPD officers and 37 Port Authority Police officers.

On September 11th, we will pause to remember the fifth anniversary of these attacks, and renew our resolve to finish what we started. This blog is proud to participate in the 2,996 memorial, and will be honoring the memory of Diane G. Barry, who died at the World Trade Center.

September 11th and the days that followed were also a time when a leader rose – Rudolph W. Giuliani. It is axiomatic to say that Rudy was a hero for everything he did during that difficult time, but five years on, those memories too will inevitably fade. It is our job to make sure that the story of 9/11 and Rudy Giuliani's leadership is not forgotten. After a day of pause and reflection on 9/11, on September 12th we will be starting five days of posts in a series we're calling "Rudy – Now More Than Ever" – a narrative of what Rudy Giuliani's leadership that September meant for the nation and why in these difficult days of decision in the War on Terror, we need Rudy Giuliani now more than ever.

We hope you can join us for this special coverage.

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