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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

And now Lowry...

As my colleagues on this blog have noted, many in the MSM are beginning to change their minds about a Rudy candidacy, going from writing Rudy off without a second thought to taking a second, a third, and a fourth look at the mayor. Well, now the same thing is happening in the MSCM (Main-Stream Conservative Media). Rich Lowry of National Review has been fairly skeptical about Rudy's chances up until now. But a post by Lowry today on The Corner suggests conservative journalists too may now be turning a corner when it comes to Rudy.

Lowry's post begins with a pro-Rudy email that he received from a reader. Money quote:

"'Giuliani's achievement in the day-to-day operation of government is arguably unmatched in the past half century. While motivated by big ideas, the success was all in the implementation and follow-through, with a government larger and more complicated than all but perhaps four states, and quite a few countries.

If social conservatism means anything it must surely begin with basic law and order. Giuliani proved over many years that on these issues he was a man of the highest honor and principles. In this regard he is something of an unusual character in that moderate Republicans have typically been squishy across the board.'"

Lowry's response reads as follows:

"There's no doubt that Giuliani's skill at running what until then had been a dysfunctional government failing to cope with a deteriorating city looks better and better, given the current national political circumstances. Rick Brookhiser has an excellent piece making the case for Giuliani in our new issue. Again, as I've noted before, NR doesn't yet have a candidate in the '08 race. And personally I think it's too soon to be jumping on any bandwagons. Let's see how these guys actually run."

Again, the door isn't exactly being thrown wide open, but Lowry has appeared to have opened it a crack. Dare we dream of the day when Lowry joins pro-Rudy Corner regulars J-Pod and Derb for a full-scale NR endorsement of the mayor?

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At 4:49 PM, Blogger Monkeydarts said...

Interesting about Lowry. A week or so ago he wrote on The Corner about how the political reporter of the Columbia, SC daily, The State, had written off Rudy in the SC Republican primary for all the usual reasons. Lowry seemed to buy it as fact. I e-mailed Rich about Lee Bandy (the writer)and his accuracy when reporting on things Republican in our state. Bandy spent the 2 months before the Nov 7th election writing columns about how Gov. Sanford was in a tight race because so many Republicans were against him. Sanford won in the biggest re-election landslide in SC history. Lowry's a good enough guy but it's very dangerous covering SC politics from DC/NY. There are many misconceptions about what it takes to win here in "The Firewall"-- the fact that McCain and guys like Lee Bandy still peddle junk about why John failed in 2000 shows me not many of them know much about Palmetto State Republicans. Rudy can win in SC if he goes about the "social issues" the right way.


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