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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Rudy Giuliani Watch: ISG Report - Giuliani Calls Idea of Quitting Iraq a “TERRIBLE MISTAKE”

NY Sun: Giuliani Calls Idea of Quitting Iraq ‘Terrible Mistake’

Mayor Giuliani resigned from the Iraq Study Group when it became clear that signing the group’s report would politicize its findings and conflict with his likely presidential run in 2008.

When asked yesterday by The New York Sun, the mayor said he had not read the report’s recommendations but that some of those he had heard about on television sounded “useful.”

Nonetheless, Mr. Giuliani’s views on the war are in contrast to the Iraq Study Group’s conclusions. The extent of Mr. Giuliani’s disagreement with the bipartisan group’s Iraq policy recommendations, published yesterday, was made clear in remarks he made to a talk-show host, Dennis Prager, on Tuesday.

“The idea of leaving Iraq, I think, is a terrible mistake,” the former mayor said. The group’s report, however, stresses that America should not make an “open-ended” commitment of troops and links the presence of troops to milestones met by the Iraqi government.

The Iraq Study Group Report is a report of appeasement and surrender. Rudy Giuliani as President will NOT sell out Israel and will NOT expediently withdraw from the Global War on Terror.

Mr. Giuliani also rejected the panel’s recommendation that America tie the resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian Arab conflict to stabilizing Iraq. When asked about this linkage on Mr. Prager’s radio show, Mr. Giuliani said, “Israel and Palestine is an important issue. Sometimes it’s used as an excuse to deal with underlying issues. But the reality here is that the Islamo-fundamentalist terrorists are at war with our way of life, with our modern world, with rights for women, religious freedom, societies that have religious freedom. And all of that would still exist, no matter what happens in Israel and Palestine.”

Well, we have heard from Mayor Giuliani and Senator McCain on the Iraq Study Group Report.

What about Senator Barrack Obama - who voted against the Iraq War resolution and Senator Hillary Clinton? Are they continuing to write their “talking points?”

Senator Slow Joe Biden has said he will have Senate Foreign Relations Committee Iraq hearings to most probably support his notion that Iraq be divided into three parts.

But, what about the other Democrat wannabe Presidential candidates?

What are YOUR plans for the Iraq War?

Inquiring minds are waiting.

Captain Ed has more:

Both men have underscored the issue of the war — that we will not negotiate with terrorist-supporting states. Somehow Baker and his ISG forgot that we’re not just fighting a war in Iraq, and that Israel is not just a problem to be solved. We are fighting the spread of radical Islamist terrorism, and the two major production centers for that very problem are Teheran and Damascus. Holding a regional conference with them to determine anything but their surrender in that war only encourages the spread of the terrorism that we seek to end.


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At 9:05 PM, Blogger wingsblogger said...

This is why Rudy leads the polls. He's the only major political figure in America who, correctly, identifies the Iraq Surrender Group report for what it is: overhyped crap.


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