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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Is Bob Corker's Primary Win a Prelude to a Rudy Sweep in the South?

I'm just askin', because I'm not the expert on Tennessee politics, and I genuinely don't know.

What I do know is that Corker was the more moderate candidate (and even had the "pro-choice" card thrown at him), and as of now, he's winning an outright majority of the primary vote against two more conservative primary opponents who were experienced statewide candidates. The polls show Corker beating Harold Ford, Jr. by double digits while Ed Bryant and Van Hilleary struggled to stay even. He was the only one who could beat Ford... sound vaguely familiar?

Sure, you can't necessarily transpose the politics of a Senate primary to a Presidential race, but to assume that conservative primary voters will go into Pavlovian convulsions when confronted with a "moderate" candidate is surely an oversimplification, and one that's belied by Bob Corker's strong showing tonight.

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At 7:47 AM, Blogger Gary Matthew Miller said...

Again, these are the type of posts that strike fear into conservatives like me who would desperately like to be assured Rudy is one of us -- or at least not hostile to us.

The story in TN is that Corker, a moderate, has been campaigning as a conservative and is winning because the two genuine conservatives are splitting the vote. If either of his competitors would drop out he would lose handily to the remaining candidate.

If this post is somehow supposed to make Rudy appealing to skeptical conservatives like myself you can call it "Mission Not Accomplished" because it tells me that Rudy's plan would be to 1)masquerade as a conservative 2) let the real conservatives split the real conservative vote.

Hate to say it, but as a conservative who wants to embrace Rudy, this blog is making me more nervous about Rudy in recent days.

At 7:56 AM, Blogger Gary Matthew Miller said...

By the way, I will offer what would be the non-negotiable things Rudy would have to offer conservatives to win their support:

1) A proven conservative running mate.

2) low tax, low spending fiscal policy and strong foreign policy (this is the one area he is strongest).

3) Promise to appoint originalists to the federal courts and SCOTUS.

If he does #3 he can be as pro-gun control, pro-choice and pro-gay rights as he wants because it would prove to conservatives that he would allow state legislatures to determine these issues -- not rely on courts to make stuff up.

If he were to take these 3 steps he would have my vote as a doctrinaire conservative.

At 9:24 AM, Blogger RudyBlogger said...


This or my other posts aren't meant to cast aspersions on Rudy's conservative credentials. The fact is that no matter how conservative Rudy is in fact, he will attacked right out of the box as a "moderate" because of some statements as Mayor of NYC. TN is an example of conservative primary voters not buying into the attacks. In fact, I think Corker is much more conservative than anyone who's even been accused of being a RINO, and will be a much more reliable vote than McCain hatchet man Lindsey Graham.

Rudy has governed as a conservative. He cut crime and welfare dramatically, reduced the size of government, and cut taxes and spending -- all in the place that needed it the most. His record on national security is rock solid, from being the lead U.S. Attorney on the Achille Lauro attack to kicking Arafat out of New York to his steadfast resolve to ensure we are never attacked again. No one in the field can match Rudy's national security credentials, even John McCain who disqualified himself with his ill-advised "torture" amendment.

Also of note: Rudy is the only candidate with experience in the judicial system and was the #3 in the Reagan Justice Department. He has spoken out against liberal judges. I think we can trust his instincts there too.

At 12:31 AM, Blogger Alteris said...

I'm glad someone said the obvious on the "social issues" question. When it comes down to it, the appointment of justices who will leave matters of social-oriented laws to the states is what they need. State courts across America have held up ballot initiatives against state-sanctioned gay marriage (whether you approve of the practice or not, they have confirmed that such laws are matters for the people to decide through the state legislatures, not the courts). There is really little in the way of federal legislation that social conservatives can get by presidential endorsement alone. I don't think Rudy would attempt anything else, seeing as how that approach to the court system solidly dominates the conservative camp, even outside the hardcore social conservatives.

But I'm still rather stumped as to who the perfect running mate would be.

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