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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Rudy Commits to Q1 '07 Decision, In Strong Position for '08

Last night, Mayor Giuliani was interviewed on Hugh Hewitt's election special. It looks like the decision on a run for the Presidency will most likely come next year... early next year.

HH: And when do you think you have to make a decision by?

RG: Next year, and probably the early part.

HH: The first quarter? Maybe January?

RG: Well, at least take some real serious steps toward it. I mean, I don't know exactly the process you follow, but I think just from what I can see now, that might change. But it seems to me that you've got to be prepared to start putting an organization together by the beginning of the year.

Let's see if the reporter class notices this. I'm assuming it's full speed ahead. (He's also asked about the Mehlman rumors.)

In his post-mortem on the election, Hewitt also says Rudy Giuliani is left in a stronger position because of last night's election results, with McCain the loser:
Hillary's path back to the White House is much more difficult with her party in the majority in the House, and much much more difficult if the Senate falls to Harry Reid's command as well. Clarity as to her party's fecklessness will be back within the first six months, and the GOP frontrunners --Rudy Giuliani and Mitt Romney-- do not have to serve in the almost certain to be paralyzed Senate.

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